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Promote Dystonia Awarness

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Sunday, 14 September 2014 21:56

Promote Dystonia Awarness

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we petition the obama administration to:

Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder but remains largely unknown to the public. Dystonia is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions causing abnormal, often repetitive, movements and/or postures.


Symptoms may impede the ability to walk (as in generalized dystonia or foot/leg dystonia), control the posture of the head (as in cervical dystonia), speak (as in spasmodic dysphonia or oromandibular dystonia), see (as in blepharospasm), and/or write (as in hand dystonia). Many individuals experience debilitating pain. There are numerous manifestations of dystonia, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Individuals are frequently misdiagnosed, which delays access to appropriate medical care and community support.


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